Raymond Creasy - Singer-songwriter and artist

Instrument maker, playing guitar, banjo, bouzouki, dobro, harmonica, drums, bass, mandolin, and flute.. together with Sue Lukens Creasy, singer-songwriter, photographer, graphic designer, on piano, organ, mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, drums, and flute.  Shamrock Studio is our own music & video recording studio, and new book publishing "empire," as we self-publish. Our books feature Raymond's paintings and commissions, and the story of making his latest banjo.   

After our book listings, our newest CD, It's My Life, is the 5th in the last 6 years.  DVDs follow, using original music and images. We have prepared a new banjo anthology (part 2 - the first was Rippling Banjo Fingerwork) we call Banjoman. Our Facebook page Raymond & Sue Creasy links to songs individually sold by download, with Reverbnation the direct site.

Fear No Art book cover

Fear No Art

Raymond's nearly 30 years of signs, murals and commissions in several Ozark communities, including Marshall, Leslie, Clinton, Mountain View, Batesville, Heber Springs, and rural areas. Includes the painting process and installation photos throughout. The murals at Leslie, Mountain View, and Clinton are included, plus many signs everyone traveling the roads of northern Arkansas have seen.  8.5 x 11" hardback, glossy cover, 95 pages, 288 photos.   Preview book as slideshow   Fear No Art secure purchase    $100.00

The Path With a Heartthe Path With a Heart book cover

 The Art of Raymond Creasy, realistic subjects from nature and life. Capturing the energy of waterfalls, flower and garden subjects, landscapes, eagles in flight, "spirit" trees, birds - acrylic paintings on canvas, prismacolor pencil drawings. 21 pages, 36 photos, 12"x12" hard, glossy photo cover. Preview paintings on this website  in the book.

The Path With a Heart  purchase   $50.00

Raymond & Sue Creasy with Fear No Art, at the book signing at the Arkansas Craft Gallery in Mountain View, AR, Sept. 21, 2013.

photo by Diane Pennington

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Fusion book cover


12 new paintings done in 2006 using an abstract style named by Raymond. He calls it a fusion of styles, influences and techniques accumulated over the years. Hard glossy photo cover, 12" x 12"- 21 black pgs, 41 photos including the process. c2013

Preview fusion paintings on this website.

Fusion art book secure purchase   $50.00

Shamrock Rose: the Birth of a Banjo

The latest book above shows the process of building a banjo called the Shamrock Rose. It had parts from 3 different centuries, completed in 2008. It has a hard glossy photo cover, 25 pages,  11" x 14" c.2014. 

 Preview here as a slideshow.  

Secure purchase $50.00


 Wooden Flutes - we still have some for sale starting at $100.00

Below:   Our part of the live concert to benefit Vilonia Tornado victims June 4, 2011.  We also sang Dogg 'er Down on the radio, FM 94.1 "the Point" in Little Rock,  very early June 3, 2011 with Tommy Hargis playing harmonica, Sue on mandolin, Raymond on guitar to promote the concert.

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our last 5 CDs: It's My Life, Lick Creek Band, Opposites Attract, Flying Under the Radar, Straight Yonder, and Big Blue Bulldozer

Lyrics for these songs also available there.  LYRICS  for a few older songs here.

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Truly AMERICANA Music  -- Original and traditional songs in folk, celtic, alternative, jazz, blues, rock, new age, and bluegrass styles.

 CDs and DVDs by Raymond & Sue - click on song links to hear sound sample

It's My Life - Creasy 

CREASY: It's My Life - Americana 

Songs in Americana, blues and rock styles: Livin' In the Past; When I Get My Act Together; It's My Life; Lazy Day Blues; Betty Ruth; What Am I Gonna Do; Gotta Chance for a Little Romance. Raymond and Sue singing, with electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, recorded at our Shamrock Studio. All songs by Raymond Creasy c. 2017 Galactic Warrior Publishing. Artwork by Raymond, graphic design by Raymond and Sue. ReverbNation previews of these songs in mp3 format.

     Opposites Attract - Creasy

 CREASY: Opposites Attract - Americana 

Songs are Swing Out, Sister; Snowmelt; When the Fire Burns Out; Shooting Star; What Have You Got to Lose; Opposites Attract; Banjos and Grand Pianos. Raymond - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric slide guitar, Strat, banjo, bass, dobro; Sue - vocals and keyboard. Songs by Raymond, with Sue on Snowmelt, Shooting Star, and Banjos and Grand Pianos. c. 2017 Galactic Warrior Publishing. Artwork by Raymond, graphic design by Raymond and Sue. ReverbNation previews of these songs in mp3 format.

CREASY: Flying Under the Radar - madrigal jazz grass

Songs are Under the Radar; Snake Bit Hound; Restless Mind; Twelve Breezes; Beer, Pizza & Chocolate; Decatur County Blues; What Coulda Happened Did; Too Damn Loud. Raymond - vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, bass, Strat, and electric slide; Sue-keyboard, drums and vocals; Deborah Martin co-writer and flute on Twelve Breezes; Doug Kraatz electric violin on Under the Radar c.2013 Galactic Warrior Publishing. Graphics by Sue and Raymond. Songs by Raymond - Decatur County Boy and Restless Mind. Remaining songs by Raymond and Sue.  ReverbNation previews of these songs in mp3 format.

Straight Yonder CD cover

STRAIGHT YONDER - Raymond & Sue Creasy - techno-hillbilly originals

Songs are Great Minds Drink Alike, If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody Gets Out Alive, Icy Conditions, I Still Miss You, Laid Back and Lonesome, Rocky Hill Road, Straight Yonder, Murphy's Law, A Flat-top and a Bottle. Raymond - vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, harmonica, mandolin, bass; Sue-piano and vocals; Tom Hargis mandolin on Great Minds, fiddle, guitar on If Mama Ain't Happy; Fiddlin' Banjo Billy Mathews on banjolin on Laid Back and Lonesome and If Mama Ain't Happy c.2012 Galactic Warrior Publishing. Graphics by Sue and Raymond. Songs by Raymond: Great Minds Drink Alike, If Mama Ain't Happy, I Still Miss You, A Flat-top and a Bottle; All other songs by Raymond and Sue.  ReverbNation previews of these songs in mp3 format.

Big Blue Bulldozer CD cover

Big Blue Bulldozer - Raymond & Sue Creasy - rock and roll-- Gotta Have Faith, Whiskey Moon, Dogg ‘er Down, Bulldoze the Banjo, Nothin’ Ventured, All Night Long, Barefoot Boogie, Mock Western, Blues for Ron, Snuggle Uppin’. Dedicated to the memory of my brother Ron who loved to hear me play the blues on the electric guitar and called my Stratocaster, the Big Blue Bulldozer. All songs by Raymond except for All Night Long & Whiskey Moon, by Sue. Artwork by Raymond. Graphic Design by Sue & Raymond. Photos by Sue & Raymond & Cindy McAllister. Raymond - vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, dobro, harmonica, wooden flute, percussion. Sue - vocals, keyboard, percussion; .Allison Lukens - wooden flute on Gotta Have Faith.  c.2011 Galactic Warrior Publishing. These songs may be previewed at ReverbNation.

Ripplin'Banjo Fingerwork CD cover

Ripplin'Banjo Fingerwork  - Raymond Creasy
- an anthology of original songs over 30 years of banjo playing and recording.
Laundramat Breakaway, Blind Fiddler, Catfish Pond, Light in Your Eyes, Yellow Springs March, Lonely Town, Favorite Son of Society, Home in Tennessee, Uncle John's Reel, Dancin', Five String Gigolo, Harmony, Decatur County Boy, Home From the Store, My Way Home Co-writer on My Way Home, John Paul Daniel-John Paul Daniel Publishing ASCAP. Guest artists and many instruments in support. © 2007 Galactic Warrior Publishing.

free form CD cover

FREE FORM - Raymond & Sue Creasy recorded live

Songs are Cody's Theme,Travis' Lullabye, Stupid Romance, Not Part of the Show, Broken Heart,Alone at the Top,New Trends, Cry of the Wolves, Harmony, Hard Luck Boy. Raymond-guitar, flute, and bouzouki; Sue-piano. Graphics by Sue & Raymond. All songs were uploaded to youtube once completed. For your free sample, go to youtube.com/user/sueraymond © 2007 Galactic Warrior Publishing.

Fusion CD Cover 2006

fusion  Raymond Creasy  a fusion of styles & influences, featuring electric guitar, flutes, percussion,  & keyboard.

New Trends, Stupid Romance, Geronimo Meets Django, Light in Your Eyes,Brand New Bottle, Lonely Town, Harmony, Jamaica Jive, Dancin'.
Raymond: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, harmonica, bouzouki, mandolin, flute, bass. Sue Creasy: Vocals, keyboard. Waclaw Kozlowski: Violin. Jesse Hale: percussion. Deborah Martin: flute.  Plus several more guest artists. ©2006 Galactic Warrior Publishing; Also John Paul Daniel Publishing on Jamaica Jive; Bill Lusk, Turtle Tunes on Light in Your Eyes and Harmony.
Mountain Serenity CD cover photo by Sue

Mountain Serenity   Raymond & Sue Creasy ~ improvisational flutes, guitar, and violin

"Millennial Guitar," a long requested suite of guitar solos by Raymond. "Cry of Wolves" echoes elemental flutes, guitar & keyboard from both Raymond & Sue.   Two compositions, reprised from Blind Fiddler, "Travis' Lullabye" and "Cody's Theme," have acoustic guitar, bass, and a thrilling violinist,  Waclaw Kozlowski, classically trained in Poland, transports the listener to improvisational musical heights. Dr. John Jaworowicz plays bass. "Water Spirits" is a mesmerizing duet of flutes with keyboard background by Raymond & Sue.  "Jamaica," is Sue's lilting flute, mandolin, with Raymond playing guitar, and bass, brought back from Shamrock Sampler. © 2005. Galactic Warrior Publishing.

Light in Your Eyes CD cover

Light in Your Eyes   Raymond Creasy ~ Original songs in bluegrass style.

Dancin,' Broken Heart,Light in Your Eyes,  Catfish Pond, Why She Had to Go, Feelin' Lucky,Home in Tennessee, Brand New Bottle, Tomorrow's Sun, Lonely Town,Thinkin,' Faded Dreams, Wedding Song, Harmony.
Raymond: Vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, harmonica, bouzouki,  mandolin, bass. Sue: Vocals, mandolin, penny whistle, piano.
©2002 Galactic Warrior Publishing. Light in Your Eyes (Creasy,/Lusk-TurtleTunes,ASCAP);Harmony (Creasy, Lusk:Turtle Tunes Music,ASCAP) Home in Tennessee (Creasy, Jaworowicz, Tucker-Galactic Warrior Pub., ASCAP) Catfish Pond (Creasy, Daniel: John Paul Daniel Music, ASCAP).

Retrospective CD cover

Retrospective Raymond Creasy's original folk music from 1978-82, remastered to digital.

Wandering Man, Too Many  Differences, Black Bottom Strut, Favorite Son of Society, Company  Man, Yellow Springs March, Ropes That Could Bind  Me, Five String Gigolo; Things That Will Be, Bohemian Rag,Decatur County Blues,Laundramat Breakaway, Wild Mountain Wind, Home Sweet Home, Mary Ann,Fishers Hornpipe, Honorable Discharge Shuffle, Decatur County Boy,Decatur County Boy Part II, Lost in the Flatlands, Colorado Song, I Want to Go Home, Never Looking Back, Uncle John's Reel.
Raymond-Vocal, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, harmonica, dulcimer, recorder, pocket comb; John Jaworowicz - Bass; Sam Elrod - Bass; Randy Wilkes - bass, mandolin, vocal, electric  guitar;   John Paul Daniel - Rhythm guitar, vocal, kazoo, handclaps; Ned Davis - pedal steel, rhythm guitar,  vocal;   David Katz - Vocal, bass, rhythm guitar; Chuck McGill - Rhythm guitar, saxaphone, vocal; Fred Winn - Vocal; Bill Lusk - Bass, vocal; Rick Malchow - flute, rhythm guitar.
©2002 Galactic Warrior Pub. ASCAP/John Paul Daniel Pub. ASCAP also on Colorado Song, Bohemian Rag & Laundramat Breakaway. Traditional tunes: Black Bottom Strut, Fishers Hornpipe, Home Sweet Home.

Shamrock Sampler CD cover artwork by Raymond Creasy

Shamrock Sampler - Raymond Creasy & Sue Lukens

An all instrumental collection, featuring flutes, that ranges from traditional acoustic tunes to jazzy ones with a beat, or ethereal sounds from ancient memories. Wooden flutes played on this CD were made by Raymond.

Stupid Romance, Broken Heart, Water Spirits,Southwind, Greensleeves, Birdwoman, Jamaica, Cry of the Wolves.  Raymond: flute, electric & acoustic guitar, percussion, dobro; Sue Lukens: flute, keyboard, mandolin; Allison Lukens: flute;  Travis Creasy: bass. Southwind & Greensleeves traditional; Birdwoman by S. Lukens; all others by R. Creasy. Jamaica co-written by John Paul Daniel, John Paul Daniel Publishing. Art by R. Creasy. ©1999, Galactic Warrior Publishing, ASCAP.
Shamrock Dreams CD cover art by Raymond Creasy

Shamrock Dreams   Raymond Creasy & Sue Lukens
Our most celtic collection with some whistle; three tunes are vocal arrangements.

HewlettMonday Morning;  Flowers of Edinburg; Seamus O'Brian; In Christ There is No East or WestStar of the County Down; Planksty Irwin; Red Haired Boy; Fiddler's Green; Cattle in the Cane.

Raymond Creasy: Vocals, guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, tambourine, drum. Sue Lukens: Vocals, mandolin, keyboard,  flute, penny whistle, drum.   Allison Lukens:  Penny whistle.  Debra Davis:  Penny whistle on Flowers of Edinburgh, cello. All traditional songs. Artwork by Raymond Creasy  ©1998. Galactic Warrior Publishing.

A Legacy of Herbs CD cover artwork by Raymond Creasy

 A Legacy of Herbs  Sue Lukens & Raymond Creasy
Sue's singing with Raymond's supporting instrumentation.

Wild Mountain Thyme; English Country GardenJohnny's Gone for a Soldier; Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies; Simple Gifts; Scarborough Fair;  One Morning In May; The Ash Grove, She's More to be Pitied Than Scolded; Danny Boy. Danny Boy is the only instrumental piece.
Sue Lukens:  Vocals, mandolin, dulcimer, & guitar.   Raymond Creasy:  Guitar, bass, banjo, dobro, harmonica, & bouzouki. Artwork by Raymond Creasy.

Blind Fiddler CD cover

 Blind Fiddler & Other Favorites   Raymond Creasy
Original improvisational bluegrass with outstanding fiddle.

 Blind Fiddler; Travis' Lullabye; Hard Luck Boy; Old Cowhand; Not Part of the Show; Cody's Theme; Alone at the Top;  My Way Home.
Raymond Creasy: vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro, recorder;  Waclaw Kozlowsky: violin; Dr. John Jaworowicz: bass, vocals; Warren Haynes:  vocals; Tony Migliore: piano.
©1999 Galactic Warrior Publishing, ASCAP.  My Way Home co-written by John Paul Daniel; John Paul Daniel Publ., ASCAP. Old Cowhand by Johnny Mercer.

fusion DVD cover art by Raymond, photo by Sue

 fusion music & art DVD     Raymond and Sue Creasy
- featuring live music by us on mandolin and guitar filmed at the Fresh Air Gallery Art  show opening reception. Filmed by Brad Bergdoll with some excellent video effects.

Stupid Romance, Travis's Lullaby, and Cold Frosty Morning, a traditional tune, performed live at the reception with Sue on flute and mandolin, Raymond on guitar, in Clinton, Arkansas.

Also New Trends, Stupid Romance, and Jamaica Jive from the fusion CD with Deborah Martin on flute and Waclaw Kozlowsky on violin.  Video editing by Sue & Raymond. 40 minutes. Songs by Raymond Creasy.
©2006. Galactic Warrior Publishing. View a 5 minute sample of it on youtube.com

Mountain Serenity DVD cover photo by Sue

Mountain Serenity DVD  Raymond & Sue Creasy ~ Ozark highland scenery & original music

Creek Walk features "Millennial Guitar," a suite of guitar rambles that accompanies trickling, sparkling rivulets and waterfalls carved by time.  "Cry of Wolves" echoes elemental flutes and guitar high above a valley from atop a bluff carved with caves. Snow Shadows catches the timeless beauty of a snowfall, with two compositions, reprised from Blind Fiddler, "Travis' Lullabye" and "Cody's Theme." Acoustic guitar, bass, and a thrilling violinist, Waclaw Kozlowsky, classically trained in Poland, transport the spirit to indescribable improvisational musical heights.  "Water Spirits" is a mesmerizing duet of flutes with keyboard set to the sound of running water, near Blanchard Springs, with a glimpse of elusive otters. Walking upstream towards the Springs' cave mouth, the Sue's
lilting flute, mandolin, and Raymond on guitar, and bass play "Jamaica," brought back from Shamrock Sampler. 40 min. long. video editing by Sue & Raymond ©2005 Galactic Warrior Publishing.

Home in Tennessee - the Lick Creek Band Cd

HOME IN TENNESSEE by the Lick Creek Band, recorded in 1974 remastered in 2015.

Band members were Raymond Creasy, (guitar, banjo, dobro, harmonica, recorder and dulcimer) John Jaworosicz (vocals, bass) and Travis Tucker (vocals and guitar). Also playing on this album were Gerald Bone, drums, Lee Gamel, pedal steel guitar, Vernon Norwood, drums on Home in TN and congas, James Petty on cello and flute, and Charlie Spies on fiddle. It was recorded at Shoe Productions in Memphis, mastered at Ardent Recording Studios. Art direction by Michael Thill, and was a product of Atlantis Records. Remastered to digital 2015 by Sue and Raymond Creasy.  Our Facebook page Raymond and Sue Creasy, has the photo of the back of the LP, which names a few more participants in the production of the original, plus photos in 1974. Go to ReverbNation or to our Facebook page to hear the songs: California Song (by Travis Tucker); Clear, Running Stream by Raymond, Travis and John; Misty Mountain by Travis, John, and Raymond; Sack Full of Pennies by Travis; Tattered Letters by Raymond and John; Vicksburg by Raymond and Travis; Home in Tennessee by Raymond, Travis and John; Mock Western by Raymond; When Will the Story End by Raymond, John, and Travis; Faded Dreams by Raymond; and Morning Train by Raymond. 


Raymond Creasy grew up in the rural Tennessee traditions of folk, bluegrass and country music, becoming Tennessee banjo champ while still a teenager. He expanded his musical horizons while living in Memphis, playing electric guitar and banjo with blues legends, beat bands, and rock and roll groups.  At the same time, he was a graphic artist and songwriter.

Silver Hawk, with John Paul Daniel, The Lick Creek Band, The Flying J Wranglers, Toad Suck Symphony, are a few of the groups he's played with in the past.  He's toured throughout the Midwest and West, and became a regular performer at the Cowboy in Durango, and the Chuckwagon in Ruidoso, and  hosted a weekly TV program in New Mexico, called "the Mountain Musical." Some of these performance are our favorites on youtube.

Raymond and Sue became a duo almost 20 years ago.  Together, they've recorded 14 CDs, the latest entitled It's My Life.  Raymond starting making flutes about 16 years ago. Previously Raymond had recorded 6 albums of his own compositions. Three of these recordings, done between '78 and '82,  were remastered to a CD, "Retrospective." Sue recorded one previous collection of folk music, "Dave & Sue," and played in the Dixie Darlings, Patchwork, and Legacy.  A native Kansan who's lived in Arkansas 30 plus years, Sue grew up singing at church and talent shows, playing piano, flute, and guitar, and added mandolin and mountain dulcimer as an adult. Raymond and Sue used to perform at the Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View and make trips from home in Van Buren County to Nashville to write with friends. Making videos using Sue's G5 MAC has become our newest form of artistic expression together, producing several videos each year, using our music for the backgrounds.

 As a sign artist, Raymond's elegant lettering and accurate depictions can be seen throughout northcentral Arkansas.  Examples include a mural of downtown Leslie, cherubs, chickens, fish, ducks, at any scale.  Much of his oil, acrylic, watercolor and drawing exhibitions have been in Ruidoso, NM, Memphis and Jackson, TN.  He has painted in a representational style, depicting the beauty of nature and respect for the people who carved a living from the countryside.  He calls his latest style of painting, which are abstracts lines and shapes with amazing color, fusion paintings. A few fine art commissions include a baptistry painting at White Water Church, and the Old Bay Cafe's, Tres Amigos wall murals, in Mtn. View, Heber Springs and Bateville, Arkansas.  Raymond's artwork graces the covers of many of our CDs.


Raymond Creasy is a songwriter and musician, an entertainer and a
storyteller.  His performances are distinguished by a sense of completeness.
The songs and stories intertwine, the music and the humor flow
together...and, through the warmth and music extended to them, shared with
them, the audience is drawn into the movement and feeling of the
evening. -Jane Sanderson, Memphis Commercial Appeal

A musical jewel, Sandy Miller Hays, Arkansas Democrat

Multi-talented, rippling banjo fingerwork, Delores Ballard, the Jackson Sun

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