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Sue playing a flute at a show
Sue playing a flute at the Midwestern Herb Show in Mt. Vernon, IL

a friend playing a flute at the lake

a friend playing her flute at the lake

D major walnut with burl fipple $100

bird fipple carving

Woodcarver and musician, Raymond Creasy, takes great care in carving, tuning and voicing each flute. Flutes are made from Ozark cedar, wild cherry, walnut, with a sprinkling of exotic woods for design interest. Using wood as a material results in a warmer tone than metal pipes. Celtic flutes have a bright tone, and a full chromatic scale, giving the instrument more versatility. The native flutes have a mellow, haunting tone due to a larger diameter soundhole and their minor scale, so familiar and common, but the same low, meditative sound in a major scale is also available. Minor keys may be played on the chromatic flutes by starting on the 2nd note of the scale as the root tone. Many of the flutes have a removable piece over the soundhole, a carved fipple (a French term) enabling one to fine-tune tied with leather and embellished with beads and/or feathers.  Most recently, Raymond has decided to glue the fipples in place and leave any leather or embellishments to the owners. These flutes can easily be played by the beginner, as well as provide the advanced player enjoyable musical experiences.  Beginner model priced lower are made from plastic pipe with a wooden mouthpiece glued into it.

Keys available: Celtic 6 hole major -- chromatic G. A, B, or B flat, C, D, E;   native American style 5 hole pentatonic in A minor or D minor. Prices range from $100 to the simplest carved models to $150 for more intricately carved. Plastic flutes start at $50. Flutes can be purchased with a carrying bag. Available for $40 are leather carrying bags. Simple sculptural stands for $15.00 made from natural cedar.

Another type of flute available is the Highlander model or two flutes in tandem.One flute plays the root tone, similar to a drone, while the other side with 6 holes plays melody, available only in D major. $250.00

These flutes especially lend themselves to outdoor playing and plaintive or meditative moods. It has been our experience that animals such as cats, deer, and birds are attracted to the sound of the flute, perhaps because of the elemental sound it makes that communicates so well. As a connection to the spirit, the flute excels.

The Celtic flutes have a more versatile scale and can be played with verve and pep or with warm intimacy. Many of the traditional tunes which are popular are played with fiddles, and are in keys popular with that instrument, such as the key of D and A. Whether you play alone or with a group, flutes are a pleasure to play.

G flute with leather bag
G flute with leather bag - that's the Stairway to Heaven key $150

 Read a sample pdf fingering chart for a D major flute with instructions

lion fipple

Raymond's personal lion flute

flutes on a gnarly stand

3 flute stand


Highlander model double flute 
Highlander model

fipples on flutes
fipples show on several flutes

A minor Spanish cedar with bois d'arc fipple $150.00

C major Walnut with bois d'arc fipple $100

Spanish Cedar C major with zebrawood fipple $100

D major Cedar with walnut fipple $100

Pricing is based on size, amount of workmanship, complexity, rarity of wood. No cart available for the wooden flute sales, so call or email. We do take credit cards and have a Paypal account.

History of the Flute

Throughout  history, flutes have been associated with magic and mystery, religious ritual and courtship. Twin pipes, sometimes called panpipes, named after Pan, goat-footed nature god of classical literature, were developed and played in Bolivia, Peru, Mongolia, China, eastern Europe, Burma, and Greece.

Earliest examples were made of bone or bamboo. An Egyptian likeness of a flute dated 4000 B.C. has been found. A flute was pictured on a Greco-Roman coin dated 169 A.D. and on a painting in middle Europe about 1100 A.D. Nearly every ancient peoples have been credited with its origin. A 4000 year old intact flute made from bone was recently found by archeologists.

In India, Hindu divinity Krishna is said to have caused rivers to stop flowing and birds halt in flight with his flute playing.
Native flutes are played on the islands of the South Pacific, in Alaska, and here on the American continents, the native American flute used to be called the love flute.  Native American suitors were said to play the flute in soft tones outside of the tent of the young woman during courtship.
A major Spanish cedar with oak fipple $100.00

Cherry C major flute with canary wood fipple $100

G minor Cedar with ash and purple heart fipple $150

G minor Cedar with oak fipple $150


Biographical info:  Raymond Creasy grew up in the rural Tennessee traditions of folk, bluegrass and country music, becoming Tennessee banjo champ while still a teenager. He expanded his musical horizons while living in Memphis, playing electric guitar and banjo with blues legends, beat bands, and rock and roll groups. At the same time, he was a graphic artist and songwriter.

Silver Hawk, with John Paul Daniel, The Lick Creek Band, The Flying J Wranglers, Toad Suck Symphony, are a few of the groups he's played with in the past. He's toured throughout the Midwest and West, and became a regular performer at the Cowboy in Durango, and the Chuckwagon in Ruidoso, and hosted a weekly TV program in New Mexico, called "the Mountain Musical." Some of these performance are our favorites on youtube.

Raymond and Sue became a duo almost 17 years ago. Together, they've recorded 8 CDs, the latest entitled Straight Yonder. Raymond starting making flutes about 12 years ago. Previously Raymond had recorded 6 albums of his own compositions. Three of these recordings, done between '78 and '82, were remastered to a CD, "Retrospective." Sue recorded one previous collection of folk music, "Dave & Sue," and played in the Dixie Darlings, Patchwork, and Legacy. A native Kansan who's lived in Arkansas 20 plus years, Sue grew up singing at church and talent shows, playing piano, flute, and guitar, and added mandolin and mountain dulcimer as an adult. Raymond and Sue used to perform at the Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View. Making videos using Sue's G5 MAC has become our newest form of artistic expression together, producing several videos each year, using our music for the backgrounds. We also have done videos for fellow musicians and artists, uploaded to youtube.

 As a sign artist, Raymond's elegant lettering and accurate depictions can be seen throughout many towns in north-central Arkansas. Raymond's artwork graces the covers of many of our CDs.

Hear flute sample: Star of the County Down
Hear flute sample: Water Spirits from Shamrock Sampler
Raymond's fusion art
Raymond & Sue's videos at youtube
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